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You spoke and we listened - For a limited time, we will be offering a pre-order on our new LuxOmni. This product will feature a fully enclosed, weatherproof housing that is a one size fits all for your residential projector. This product allows you to source a projector and camera of your choice and keep it safe in the elements with a high quality weatherproof housing that includes the internal hardware to allow you to connect wirelessly and utilize our Luxedo software.

These are going to be available in limited quantity with an expected ship date in April 2022. More information to come but these are first come - first serve, so secure your spot today!
Our Prototype So Far
Pictured holding an Optoma DLP projector.
Select Configuration
The LuxOmni can be pre-ordered in several different configurations. All packages include the same LuxOmni enclosure.
Will Luxedo Work for Me?
Before you buy, you can use this projector locating tool to ensure that the projector will be a good fit for your home and yard. Make sure that you select 'Custom Projector' and input your intended projector's throw ratio!
Expertly Designed and Engineered
Add massive value to your brand and experiences with interactive displays and messages both inside and outside the building.
Kick your seasonal decorating up a notch by creating memorable graphics, images and visual scenery.
Leave a lasting impression on the audience by creating immersive, eye-catching light shows, interactive art displays and more.
See how others have created amazing experiences.
MyLuxedo Design Portal
The MyLuxedo portal empowers the everyday user to design and create 3D, augmented reality projections anytime, anywhere in three simple steps.
Log-in to your MyLuxedo account to connect your device.
Scan the area you wish to project on and calibrate your display.
Create your interactive projection mapping experience.
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We can help! Check our frequently asked questions!
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