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The LuxLink software allows you to do projection mapping with your choice of any projector and camera. Choose hardware that is tailored to your needs and allow LuxLink to tie it all seamlessly together.
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Minimum / Recommended Requirements
Add massive value to your brand and experiences with interactive displays and messages both inside and outside the building.
Kick your seasonal decorating up a notch by creating memorable graphics, images and visual scenery.
Leave a lasting impression on the audience by creating immersive, eye-catching light shows, interactive art displays and more.
See how others have created amazing experiences.
MyLuxedo Design Portal
The MyLuxedo portal empowers the everyday user to design and create 3D, augmented reality projections anytime, anywhere in three simple steps.
Log-in to your MyLuxedo account to connect your device.
Scan the area you wish to project on and calibrate your display.
Create your interactive projection mapping experience.
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